Liocan IOL

Liocan intraocular lens is an ophthalmic medical device designed for implantation in canine crystalline extraction procedures.

Liocan intraocular lenses are made of HEMA (UV), a biocompatible acrylic copolymer that offers excellent geometric and folding properties allowing the lens implantation through a small incision.

Liocan intraocular lens is supplied in a glass vial, single and sterile. It is immersed in highly purified water and placed in a special forceps, making it visible and easy to handle.

Available models

Reference Optical diameter Length (mm) Diopters
LIL-102565 6.5 mm 10.25 41
LIL-112565 6.5 mm 11.25 41
LIL-122565 6.5 mm 12.25 41
LIL-132565 6.5 mm 13.25 41
LIL-142565 6.5 mm 14.25 41
LIL-152565 6.5 mm 15.25 41

Each lens is supplied with an injector set.


Surgery performed by John S. Sapienza, Diplomate ACVO, Long Island Veterinary Specialists, New York